The 40 Year Journey

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In less than 24 hours I will be turning 40-years-old.  I seem to be more reflective at this birthday milestone than the last one when I turned 30.  I look back at that point in my life where I was still trying to figure “life” out.  Little did I know that I was just beginning to scratch the surface of what would become the foundation of my business that exists today.  However, I would discover that I would need another 10 years of human capital growth and a few major developments in order to reach the place where I am at today.

There have also been three key developments that have occurred along the way to get me to this current place in time.  The first major event would be to marry my wife Theresa who carries the T in TAMMA almost 10 years ago.  The next would be the birth our triplets filling in the two A’s and one M in TAMMA.  And finally, the birth of our plus one as we so eloquently refer to her as which adds the last M to form TAMMA.

However, as the actual story goes, I cannot take full credit for the naming of the firm.  That honor would belong to the creative work of my long-time mentor and extended family member Camille Jayne.

I have been the recipient of having an extremely supportive wife, family, extended family, and a mentor (human capital growth) that would not accept anything less than success and to see TAMMA flourish.  But just as important, if it weren’t for a handful of initial clients who had entrusted me with their life assets and faith in me to help them build a financial future and plan that would help them to achieve their life and financial goals, TAMMA may not be here today.

While the journey has not always been easy, the ultimate goal of helping people and companies to solve some of their most unique and complex financial, life, and business decisions has been clear and the ultimate reward in serving my clients.

I look forward to continuing to help and serve my family and clients for the next 40 years.