Family Office Services

Our definition of Family Office means that we offer wealth planning, portfolio management, and tax preparation together. We are uniquely positioned to be your financial life partner and help you make big decisions when major and minor life transitions happen.

Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

Our comprehensive wealth planning process brings your financial and lifestyle goals together. We are uniquely positioned to be your guide and partner to help you make big decisions when major and minor life transitions happen.

  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Life Transitions

Wealth planning is about you and your journey that takes you from the unknown to having peace of mind.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Investors often see a behavior gap in their clients’ portfolios – the difference between the returns of the average investor versus the returns on a professional investment. We understand the stress and anxiety that making investment decisions on your own can create.

At TAMMA, we remove this emotional burden by building customized portfolios that align with your current and future goals, along with your risk tolerance. Our portfolio management process is flexible and adapts to your life’s changing needs as well as changing market conditions, all while providing you peace of mind.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation

Taxes touch every part of your life, including your wealth management plan and investment portfolio. A DIY tax preparer can miss valuable credits and money-saving deductions that could reduce your annual tax bill or provide a significant return. As part of our personalized Family Office, we offer tax preparation and planning for you.

We offer timely, efficient preparation of all types of returns, including business tax filings, multi-state taxes, and individual income tax returns. If you’re starting a new business, we can identify which business structure will afford the highest tax savings as your business grows.

Our tax planning process is year-round and integrates within your wealth and portfolio management strategies. While having TAMMA prepare your return saves you time and offers additional peace of mind, it is the tax planning that we provide that delivers even more value.

Employer Services

Employer Services

Think about the qualities you want your business and employees to exemplify efficient, reliable, accurate, innovative, service-focused, cost-effective. TAMMA helps to provide retirement and financial wellness plans options that reinforce these same qualities and values.

TAMMA works with businesses that want their retirement and financial benefit plans to stand apart from their competition. A plan that acts as a benefit to attract and retain your most important asset, people.

By providing expert guidance and support not only for your business but employees as well, our ultimate value is to provide you peace of mind.