Ep.14 – Anthony Tomey – From Professional Baseball Pitcher to Family Entrepreneur, Husband, and Father

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Family entrepreneur Anthony Tomey

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Timing in sports, just like life, can take you to places that you would never think twice about.  When one door of opportunity closes, do you have the courage to open another door?

Today’s conversation with former professional baseball pitcher turned family entrepreneur Anthony Tomey is focused on Anthony’s story to take a risk and open a new door of opportunity when he decided to end his professional sports career.

Anthony and his family started with one Jimmy John’s franchise nearly two decades ago while Anthony was a pitcher in the Detroit Tigers minor league system.  Since then, they have grown their business into 50 Jimmy John’s franchises in the Metro Detroit, MI area. 

Anthony dives into the details and complexities of running a family business with his Dad, Uncle, Sister, and Brother, with all the challenges and opportunities it can bring.  A structure that helps to ensure that everyone knows exactly what their role is and subsequently executing upon each person’s position has allowed the business to double over the past two years.

You hear on the news how COVID has wreaked havoc upon millions of small businesses. Still, in our conversation, you hear from Anthony firsthand about the painful decision he made to shut down his business for numerous weeks.  The challenges his business continues to face today with retaining and hiring employees and how he has tried to keep his core team together.

We talk about the transition Anthony went through from operating his business as a single person to now as a husband and father of three boys, all under the age of three.  Anthony speaks candidly about the difficulties of managing the business’s needs while wanting to be present for his boys and the balance he seeks to try to make it all work together.

Please enjoy my conversation with Anthony Tomey.

Anthony Tomey

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