Ep.34 – Cristin Wipfler – Health Coaches Help You Feel Your Best

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Cristin Wipfler health coach

Have you ever wondered what a health coach does?  If you are like me, you may have assumed that a health coach primarily deals with food, nutrition, and eating.  I was wrong.

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Cristin Wipfler, a registered dietician and health coach, talks about what motivated her to obtain two bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, and additional certification so that she could help people live their best life.  Health coaching, as Cristin put it, “is to help you feel your best, and is not a one size fits all process.”

While some health coaches can be very specialized, Cristin takes a unique approach and is focused on helping people shift their mindsets when it comes to how they feel about themselves.  While diet and nutrition are an essential part of her practice, it is far from the most critical aspect in how she helps people.

Similar to the Family Office at TAMMA, which helps families bring together both the emotional and financial pieces of their lives together, Cristin uncovers “why” people want to change their health rather than only what they want to change.

Peeling back the layers of an individual’s unique personality, Cristin’s health coaching practice helps people find a voice to their story.  To which she then helps to identify triggers and reframe potentially negative triggers into positive ones.

Please enjoy my conversation with Cristin Wipfler.

Cristin Wipfler


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