Ep.35 – Melody Wilding – Trust Yourself

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Melody Wilding Trust Yourself

Melody Wilding, author of the book Trust Yourself, joins us to talk about how to cope at work and life as a sensitive striver.

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Do you feel like you’re “not good enough” or “take things too personally” at work?  Or, do you feel overworked and on your way to burnout? If so, Melody says you may be a sensitive striver.

Melody Wilding, a licensed therapist, turned coach, helps highly sensitive and high-achieving professionals overcome the emotional challenges of leadership, management, and success. Her goal is to empower people to produce high-caliber work without burning out or sacrificing who they are.

Throughout our conversation, we focus on four core values that Melody identifies in her book, Trust Yourself, that can help lead sensitive strivers to a better life and path forward.  Melody’s core values can also help in our quest to define what “enough” is for ourselves.

While you may be driven to succeed and to process information more deeply than others, Melody says this can make you more susceptible to stress, emotional overwhelm, and overthinking. 

Please enjoy my conversation with Melody Wilding.

Melody Wilding

Trust Yourself

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