Ep.36 – Lisa Mallis – Helping People Recognize Their Light Bulb Moment

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Lisa Mallis

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What happens when life transitions occur and what was working, suddenly stops working?  What if you ask yourself, even though I am good at this work or career, do I really enjoy doing it?

Lisa Mallis

These are a few of the types of questions that Lisa Mallis has asked herself and her clients on her own journey from being a high school math teacher to a coach focused on time management.

Lisa shares her insights on how she helps empower business owners and parents to create a life where you focus on the most important tasks every day, leverage your time, and work less. A concept rooted in the expression, learn how to work smarter, not harder.

Developing a framework that makes sense for you begins with identifying your strengths.  This is where Lisa comes in as both a coach and consultant.  Lisa talks about various tools that she utilizes, such as DiSC® assessments that can help you learn how to communicate and prioritize, so you are not rushing from one fire to the next.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lisa Mallis.

Lisa Mallis

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