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How to Talk to Your Parents About Finances

If you’ve ever wondered how to talk to your parents about finances, this podcast holds some great tips. Have you noticed how organized your parents used to be?  Or maybe you see that they have stopped taking care of themselves physically when you see them in-person or via FaceTime or Zoom.  If so, it may be time that you have a conversation with your parents about their health and financial well-being.

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Cameron Huddleston, a mom of three awesome kids, was also a caregiver for her own mom, who had Alzheimer’s disease. “It was a stressful situation I wouldn’t wish on anybody, but it gave me great insight into how financially devastating Alzheimer’s and dementia can be. And it made me realize how important it is for adult children to be having conversations with their parents about their finances before a health issue or other emergency leaves their parents unable to manage their finances on their own.”

After sharing her story on a podcast, no less than four people asked Cameron how they might have a conversation with their aging parents regarding family finances.  Along with the fact that Cameron likely waited too long to have the conversation with her mom, she was moved to write the book, Mom and Dad, we need to talk; how to talk to your parents about finances.

One way to spark a conversation with parents is to ask them for advice regarding financial matters.  Cameron noted that this approach could ease fears and tensions around taking the first steps to determine how you may be able to help.

Please enjoy my conversation with Cameron Huddleston.

Cameron Huddleston

Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk

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