Ep.39 – Lisa Miller – How to Find Career Clarity

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Lisa Miller Career Clarity

Lisa Miller joined the podcast to give us tips to find career clarity.

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Are you struggling with career clarity?  The ability to determine what you need or want from your career and how you would go about finding it?

Lisa Miller knows first-hand the ups and downs a career can bring. A journey that led her to transition from a corporate role/career into a business owner/entrepreneur.  Career transitions are one of life’s most significant transitions and something we likely don’t give ourselves enough time to think about until a shift is forced upon us.

Finding what made Lisa happy, what would make her feel good, and not necessarily how much money she would make, helped her make a successful career transition herself.  As she found her way, she continually asked herself, “how do I get more of that.” More meaning, happiness, clarity, and, importantly, peace of mind.

Transitions Do Not Happen Overnight

Lisa’s transition did not happen overnight and required her to set aside time to honestly think about what may be possible in her career.  We spend considerable time discussing this idea because many people believe that they can flip a switch or use an equation to find what will make them happy within their careers.

We also discuss the seasonality of careers, especially for parents trying to juggle multiple financial and lifestyle priorities.  Lisa points out that there may not be a perfect or dream job for you, depending upon what season of life you may be in. 

The PIVOT Method

Your goals and aspirations can and will likely need at times, take a backseat to the pressing priorities of today.  However, that does not mean you should lose sight of what you really want in life.

To help make career clarity a reality, Lisa talks about how she utilizes the PIVOT method in assisting people in finding career clarity.  A four-step decision-making process that begins with

  • planting, then
  • scanning,
  • piloting, and finally
  • making the proper pivot or transition. 

Lisa points out that if your pilot or test hypothesis does not generate the results you want, you can and should begin the process again.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lisa Miller.

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