Ep.04 – Shayna Levin – Managing Twins, a Business During COVID-19, and Explaining Home & Auto Insurance

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Have you ever wondered why you pay what you pay for auto and homeowners insurance, also known as property and casualty insurance?  Did you know that from a cost perspective, there is a greater emphasis on tickets and accidents, and frequency and severity, on your insurance rates for both auto and home, respectively, than any other factors?

Shayna levin 1 - twins auto and home insurance - Ep.04 – Shayna Levin – Managing Twins, a Business During COVID-19, and Explaining Home & Auto Insurance | Tamma Capital

This week, my guest is Shayna Levin, a mom of twins, licensed property & casualty insurance agent, and owner of Levin Insurance Agency with her husband, Jeff.  Levin Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency, which means Shayna’s team represents many different companies that allow them to choose the best carrier for their client insurance needs.

In our conversation, we talk about all facets of the property and casualty insurance landscape, especially in Michigan, where auto reform is a hot topic.  Shayna explains what the new auto reform law means from both a cost and coverage perspective.

Specifically, for families with young drivers just starting, Shayna identified three ways to reduce your auto insurance costs.

Shayna also addresses the value that an umbrella insurance policy can have as part of your comprehensive wealth management plan.  She refers to umbrella insurance as an “asset” insurance policy, a very low-cost option to extend your liability protection.

Finally, Shayna talks about the challenges of operating her business remotely during the early days of COVID-19 while homeschooling their twin children.  And how life and business have changed since the economy has begun to open back up.

Please enjoy this conversation with Shayna Levin.

Resources Featured in This Episode:

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