Ep.41 – Carrie Schochet – Having Transparent Conversations In Your Career Search

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The modern career search has changed, thanks to workplace flexibility and a tighter labor market. Carrie Schochet joined the podcast to discuss the latest trends in the job market and how you can ace your next career search.

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Have you ever seen a purple squirrel? It’s a term used within the recruiting industry that means a hard-to-find candidate.  But the term and meaning go well beyond that.

Carrie Schochet, a mom of three, wife, and entrepreneur, founded her boutique recruiting firm Purple Squirrel to help both employers and candidates find the perfect fit with their search.  A process focused on integrity, ethics, and communication, allowing her firm to stand out in a crowd, just like a purple squirrel.

As Carrie began her career in corporate recruiting, she felt that something was missing, that there was a better, more personal way to find that elusive, perfect candidate.  As a start-up, this meant that Carrie had to measure success differently than she previously had.  A shift that required a mindset change that previous guests on our show often highlight.

We talk about the latest trends in a stressed-out job market for both employers and candidates.  An environment that has made it difficult for Carrie and her team, which she openly talks about.

With the changes in workplace flexibility, Carrie discusses why candidates searching for a new career need to be deliberate in their thinking about their career path.  To have transparent conversations with themselves so that they understand what they need and want from their careers.

Please enjoy my conversation with Carrie Schochet.

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