Ep.42 – Jackie Ghedine & Mimi Bishop – Helping Gen X Women Bridge the Worth Deficit Gap

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Jackie Ghedine and Mimi Bishop help Gen X women

Jackie Ghedine and Mimi Bishop joined the podcast to share how they help gen X women who are struggling to define themselves personally and professionally.

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Did you know that research shows that 92% of people do not keep their new year’s resolutions or goals?  What if you could find a way to be part of the 8% who see success pursuing their lifestyle and financial goals?

With this data in mind, Jackie Ghedine and Mimi Bishop launched their firm, The Resting Mind, to help gen X women who are struggling to define themselves personally and professionally.  They developed the 8% rule of taking small steps to help women determine who they want to be, where they want to go, and how to get there.

Both Jackie and Mimi left behind high-profile corporate roles to launch their firm.  A life transition that started with reflecting on an Oprah Winfrey article that helped them discover that they wanted to help bridge the worth deficit gap that women are facing.

Jackie and Mimi have developed a unique approach to utilizing energy leadership and positive psychology to help propel gen X women.  They take an investigated approach that empowers women to ask for help, to help them realize they are not alone and do so with confidence and conviction.

And pay close attention to the end of our conversation where Jackie and Mimi use me for a speed coaching session to prepare my triplets+1 better to start the new school day off on the right foot—helping me create new stories around the facts!

Please enjoy my conversation with Jackie Ghedine and Mimi Bishop.

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