Ep.43 – Meg Wagner – The Goal Guru: How to Learn to Develop Achievable Goals

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Goal Guru Meg Wagner

Have you ever wondered how to make realistic goals that you could achieve?  Maybe a goal guru could help?

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After making her own career pivot which turned into a career identity crisis, Meg Wagner launched her coaching and consulting practice, The Goal Guru.  A firm that helps you define your work, align your life, and design your future.

While there is a strong emphasis on outcomes in setting goals, Meg stresses the essential element of paying attention to your feelings about what you want to achieve.  You should gain clarity around your goals and the process of how to achieve vs. solely the outcome.

Although developing habits is a critical component of developing actionable goals, Meg focuses on developing short-term goals over a 90 day period.  With having a short-term focus, Meg helps prevent people from being too overwhelmed with the big picture or longer-term goals that can prevent us from taking any action at all.

Meg discusses the free workshop that she has designed called Mondaze Motivation. In this workshop, Meg guides you through a 30-minute exercise to help design your week and snap you out of the fog and set you up for success for the week to come.

Specifically, in working with Parents, Meg emphasizes that parents need first to be kinder to themselves.  We should start with even smaller goals and ensure that we give ourselves time to make time for ourselves.  And depending upon what stage of life we may be in, we develop and categorize goals by the roles we live in, such as career, parent, and personal to us. 

Please enjoy my conversation with Meg Wagner.

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