Ep.06 – Dr JR Muldoon – Finding the Counter Balance in Life While Raising Multiple Kids and Building a Business

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Finding the Counter Balance in Life While Raising Multiple Kids and Building a Business Dr. JR Muldoon

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As someone who has dealt with migraines for most of my life, stress management has always been a critical component of managing my migraines.  But like most people with multiple kids, a demanding career or business, and a plethora of tugging priorities, managing stress can be extremely difficult.

Additionally, to help manage my migraines, I turned to the field of Chiropractic.  Chiropractic care can often be misunderstood.  To explain what Chiropractic care is and isn’t, my guest this week is Dr. JR Muldoon, a Chiropractic Neurologist and owner of NeuroLogic Chiropractic Center.

JR has earned hundreds of study hours in chiropractic neurology and created a tailored practice to meet each patient’s needs. Utilizing chiropractic functional neurology, JR strives to learn, stay humble, and research the latest cutting-edge techniques to improve his patients’ quality of life.  Full disclosure, I have been a patient of Dr. Muldoon for over eight years.

In our conversation, we discuss how JR chose to focus on the niche field of neurology within the Chiropractic space, making him a leader within the field and how that translates into better care for his patients.  JR talks about the changes he has seen in his patients, both mentally and physically, due to the impacts of COVID-19.

JR is married with three young kids, so we explore the new challenges homeschooling brings to their family dynamics.  How he and his wife Christy work together to support their family while giving each other the space they need.  JR explains the multi-year journey that he and Christy have been on to find a counterbalance with their lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. JR Muldoon.

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