Celebrity Calls Out Mother of Triplets

Paul FennerPersonal Finance


Recently my wife Theresa had an encounter with a celebrity who is the new brand ambassador of a specific company.  I am not allowed to disclose the celebrity nor the company!

During an event, the celebrity (let’s call her Anna) asked in a crowded room of mostly males, “where are my mom’s at?”  At which point Anna identified the mother of triplets +1 whom she had met just a few hours prior.  “Hey, triplet mom in the back,” Anna shouted out.  That mother happened to be Theresa, mother of the Fenner triplets + 1.

Anna’s call out to all the mothers in the room got me thinking about all the mom’s that I have been working with at TAMMA over the past year.  They include single Moms, divorced Moms, Moms going through a divorce, Moms battling cancer, Moms to special pets, and Moms working with Dads on figuring out how to raise multiple kids.  As you can see, Moms can come in all different shapes and sizes.  There is no one size fits all Mom!

However, I have noticed one common thread among all these extraordinary Moms; they simply want to know, are we going to be okay?  Will I be able to take care of our family financially, will I be able to help send my kids to college, will I be able to retire someday, and what does that day look like?

When I sit down with these moms and families, the conversation isn’t strictly about numbers; it’s about life and that unknown intersection of where finances and life meet.  The issue is that no one knows what direction to turn in.  That’s where I come into play.

Having a wealth management plan is more than numbers on a piece of paper.  It is about figuring out;

  • What happens to your kids if something happens to you?
  • Can I afford to make a life-changing career move?
  • What happens if we buy a house or decide to stay where we currently are?
  • How do I handle taxes?
  • My kids don’t know anything about how to handle money, can you help them?

All of this brings me to the solution to what moms and families are looking for, peace of mind, knowing that they are going to be okay.

As one TAMMA family mom put it, “I hired you so if something happens to me, you will take care of my kids and husband.”

A plan helps to do just that, but there is a far more significant component to what moms and families receive throughout the planning process.  Moms and families know that they can trust me to help them through whatever life event they are facing even if it has nothing to do with finances.  They come to know that I have their backs!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who do so much for all their families!