Ep.100 – Railey Molinario – The Ultimate Guide to a Thriving Relationship

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Railey Molinario, relationship intelligence

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Are you tired of constant fighting in your relationship?  Can you imagine a life where conflicts are resolved with understanding and connection instead of anger and disconnection?

Railey Molinario, a renowned Love Educator & Relationship Coach, empowers individuals to live fulfilling lives through her teachings on relationship intelligence.  With a remarkable journey from abandonment at birth, Railey has become a respected leader in the industry, providing couples with the skills and knowledge needed to cultivate thriving relationships and lives.

Limited beliefs and misinformation, according to Railey, sit at the heart of how our relationships can go wrong.  To overcome these challenges, education, awareness, and understanding are tools within our vast arsenal that Railey believes we should be focused on.

Relationships are likely not as complicated as we may believe them to be.  Foundationally, we all want to create healthy relationships based on compassion, empathy, and safety.  Research has shown that the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships.

Throughout our conversation, Railey explains what relationship intelligence is and provides tools and actionable items on how we can build healthy relationships.  From creating a common vision, which is anything from normal, to having a weekly relationship review that helps to maintain and invest in our relationship with our significant other.

Please enjoy my conversation with Railey Molinario.

Railey Molinario – Be sure to sign up to win a free month of coaching from Railey on her website

The Weekly Relationship Review by Railey Molinario

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