Ep.102 – Steph Morris – Living in the Trenches: How Good Design Tells a Story

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Have you ever come to a fork in the road where the home you have today is not the home you need now or in the future?  How do you answer the question, do we stay and remodel our existing home, or do we look to relocate?

Steph Morris is an experienced expert in design who helps families make emotional and financial decisions regarding home living.  Similar to what I do as a financial advisor and a quarterback in football, Steph and her team at North + Birth get people into the right places, communicate what needs to be done, and execute a game plan throughout life’s many transitions.

As a degreed designer and parent, Steph points out what every family needs to know when considering remodeling or relocating to a new home.  Critical takeaways from our conversation include factors such as function, costs, and aesthetics of what your family needs today and how those needs will change in the future.

Steph explains how she manages the many relationships that go into a home project, her custom design process, and keeping up with trends.  In addition to the multi-facet support she brings to a family, being an emotional sounding board for her clients living in the trenches of life is probably her most important role.

Please enjoy my conversation with Steph Morris.

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