Ep.107 – Lori Oberbroeckling – Secrets of a Super Mom

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Lori Oberbroeckling, Super mom

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Parents, can we really have it all?  A thriving career, time with our significant other, and relationships with our kids?

Lori Oberbroeckling is a wife, mom of four, author, photographer, and corporate leader.  Lori helps parents, especially moms who want to be extraordinary, present, and have an amazing career.

So how can you find harmony amid the daily grind?  Lori shares insights from her book Secrets of Supermom (dads, this book also applies to us, so don’t let the title fool you) on real-life strategies parents can begin implementing today.

Listen as we explore setting routines for homework, and household tasks can make life easier and eliminate power struggles and conflicts.  We also address the guilt we can feel as parents and the stress it places on the entire family.

Three Key Takeaways

  1. Establishing a routine for homework is a game-changer, reducing stress and arguments for parents and children.
  2. Clear communication and flexibility are crucial in managing household responsibilities, preventing misunderstandings, and promoting teamwork.
  3. Habits and routines can be established for anything, including morning and bedtime routines or meal preparations, freeing up our limited energy to focus on things that truly matter.

“We’re going to have high schoolers that eventually, or college students that are not going to want to go on family vacations with us.  And things will just continue to evolve.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Lori Oberbroeckling.

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