Ep.109 – Marisa Lonic – Breaking the Busy Stereotype: Redefining Time Management for Parents

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Marisa Lonic, Mama Work It

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As parents, what does it mean to have harmony between your personal and financial life?  A demanding career, demanding kids, demanding spouse?

As a mom of four, including a set of twins, Marisa Lonic checked all those boxes (except for maybe the demanding husband) but was also asking, “What about me?”

Marisa, like most parents, was not in a position to just quit her job and start something new, especially considering that her career was part of her ambitious self.  However, eventually, she transitioned from her full-time corporate career into her own business.

Throughout our conversation, Marisa shares great advice on developing reasonable objectives that work with your lifestyle, finding an accountability partner, and recognizing and managing your inner work to achieve long-term success.

Three Key Takeaways

  1. Focus on defining your purpose and supporting objectives in both your financial and personal life.  Remember that your personal and financial life are interconnected; the checkbook reflects your priorities.
  2. Align yourself and re-evaluate whether your current situation is working for you, emphasizing the need for constant self-evaluation during life transitions.
  3. Break down big tasks into smaller, manageable steps.  The heavy mental load of being a parent and a professional can lead to analysis paralysis and feeling overwhelmed.  Focus on three small goals a day that you can accomplish and feel proud of yourself at the end of the day.

“Working parent guilt is real…if you don’t get down to some of the inner work when it comes to things like this, like managing your guilt, especially for parents, you will not be successful in being able to feel like you are managing your time effectively, because you won’t be able to sustain those behaviors long term.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Marisa Lonic.

Marisa Lonic

Mama Work It

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