Ep.110 – Sarah Khan – Career Rehab: Breaking Free from Corporate Mindsets to Build a Life-Aligned Business

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Sarah Khan, Business Blasphemy, Empowerment as an Entrepreneur

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Do you feel you are not supported in your current career position?  Is the grind of your current corporate role more than you can bear?

After being laid off multiple times, including once during her maternity leave, Sarah Khan felt unsupported by her employers multiple times, including during the pandemic lockdown.  Sarah decided to detox herself from the corporate programming that had run her life and begin a new journey as an entrepreneur, specifically working with women.

Sarah’s rehab transition made her realize that the corporate mindset of equating time spent with money earned needs to be re-examined.  Sarah points out the importance of cultivating the ability to trust oneself in entrepreneurship and focusing on the foundational aspects of starting a business, such as identifying the ideal client and engaging in revenue-generating activities.

Three Key Takeaways

  1. The corporate mindset of equating time spent with money earned needs to be re-examined.
  2. Cultivating the ability to trust oneself is important in entrepreneurship.
  3. Building a business that aligns with one’s desired lifestyle is possible with proper goal-setting and timeline-building.

“Everybody can get to, let’s say six figures is your number.  Everybody can get there, but not everyone can get there in the same time frame.  And as long as we can wrap your head around that, you can build a business that actually is viable, and you can honor what you want your life to look like.”

For any parent out there deliberating a career change, Sarah’s story points out; you can be a parent and an entrepreneur; the two are not mutually exclusive.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sarah Khan.

Sarah Khan

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