Ep.47 – Chris Belfi – Learning How to Accomplish More While Working Less

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Chris Belfi joined the podcast to discusses strategies for clearing a few of the roadblocks that people face in trying to get the most out of every single day while working less and having more time for their families.

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Would you agree that life is too short not to get the most out of every single day?  So how do we get more out of our day without burning ourselves out?

Curiosity and a drive to improve his own career and personal life led Chris Belfi to take a less-traveled path.  After building a career in finance working for a large multi-national corporation, Chris found that he had a unique skill for helping others stay on top of their work.

Chris discovered that in small doses, he could positively impact co-workers and individuals accomplish more while working less. Thus, freeing up precious time for people to focus on their families or other life interests.

The foundation that Chris developed to build processes and systems for work, life, and families was based upon the work by David Allen in his book, Getting Things done.  A foundation built upon clarity, organization, reflectiveness, and engagement.

Chris discusses a few of the roadblocks that people face in trying to build new lifestyle systems, including trying to manage everything in your head along with to-do lists that are unclear or incomplete.

Please enjoy my conversation with Chris Belfi

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