Ep.48 – Elin Barton – Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur

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Elin Barton Serial Entrepreneur

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Are you struggling, feeling anxious, disconnected, or know that you’re operating below your full potential? Do you talk about being “stuck” or “spinning your wheels as a serial entrepreneur?”

These are the same questions that serial entrepreneur Elin Barton was asking herself.  Elin discusses how she moved crossed the country on the belief that something else was possible.  When she finally let go of “how” to make it happen and just did it.

After seeing initial success in her first business, Elin decided to launch her second business to help other entrepreneurs who believe in a growth mindset and the power of community.

We also discuss Elin’s new book, Ready, Set, Grit: Three Steps To Success in Life, Business & The Pursuit of Happiness.  Elin breaks her book into three distinct focal points:

  1. Ready – preparing for the mindset shift and the change you want to make,
  2. Set – building a foundation to form your new reality, and
  3. Grit – doing the work, showing up again and again until you succeed

While Elin has a drive for business and helping entrepreneurs, it pales compared to her love and passion for her family.

Please enjoy my conversation with Elin Barton.

Elin Barton

Ready, Set, Grit: Three Steps To Success in Life, Business & The Pursuit of Happiness

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