Ep.49 – Bonnie Dimmick – Helping Parents Help Their Kids to Sleep

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Have you ever struggled getting your kids to sleep? This podcast is for you!

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We all know that sleep is a critical component to help us function.  But what if you’re a parent who is struggling to help your child fall asleep?

Bonnie Dimmick was having this exact issue with her newborn and wasn’t finding the help and support she needed.  So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and became a child sleep consultant.  Her firm, Sleep, Love, and Happiness, provides support to parents nationwide.

Although Bonnie focuses on infants and toddlers, we talk about issues facing tweens and teens whose sleep schedules naturally adjust as they grow older.  A transition that has some school districts changing their start times throughout the country based on research that shows older kids learn better later in the morning. In contrast to elementary kids who learn better earlier in the morning.

While not easy, Bonnie talks about two essential elements that help kids at any age sleep better, which include establishing a bedtime routine reflecting a sense of calmness when it is time for kids to shut it down.

Please enjoy my conversation with Bonnie Dimmick.

Bonnie Dimmick

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