Ep.52 – Michael Duffy – The Journey of a Lifetime in College Athletics

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Coach Michael Duffy

Coach Michael Duffy shares how his career journey turned out much different than he expected, and what he learned in the process.

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if “this” opportunity had come about?  Or, what would have happened if you did take that job?  As we know, the world works in mysterious ways, and part of that mystery is having conversations about the joys of the journey.

Michael Duffy thought that he was going to work for GM some 40 years ago, but as fate would have it, the job offer fell through. So instead of working for a bigger corporation, a career in academia and college athletics began.

Coach Duffy talks through his journey of being a grad assistant to the athletic director at Adrian College.  Michael has been instrumental in growing the sports programs at Adrian to a combined 50 men’s and women’s teams. In addition, he helps to oversee and support 1,300 student-athletes and a full-time staff of 84.

While the expansion of the sports program at Adrian College has certainly been built with an underlying business model, there has also been a focus on the student athlete’s academic, mental health, and community responsibility.

Coach Duffy and I also discuss the impact that parents play in being supportive or overly involved in trying to develop their kids as athletes.

Please enjoy my conversation with Michael Duffy.

Michael Duffy

Adrian College

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