Ep.53 – Gurpreet Mann – How to Develop Your Personal Brand When Searching for a New Career

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Gurpreet Mann Personal Brand

Gurpreet Mann joined the podcast to share insights on building a personal brand, and how that can affect your next job search, and your career.

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If someone told you that you could land a new job, making more money, in 30 days, how interested would you be? 

This is precisely the offer and what interested me in speaking with career coach and consultant Gurpreet Mann.  Gurpreet, who comes from both a human resources and entrepreneurial background, re-engineered the traditional sales process to help her clients find a career that fits their personal brand.

Part of Gurpreet’s journey and her focus on building her brand all began when her father died.  She started asking deep questions about herself and focusing her efforts on where she could make the most impact.  Gurpreet began by asking “why” and letting her authentic personality come out.

A critical element in deciding to take the first step with any significant life transition is understanding the timing of when to make that decision and the risks involved.  For Gurpreet, she thought through the minimal risk involved in following her calling, which she spent meaningful time researching and then did not hesitate to seize her opportunity.

Please enjoy this emotional and raw conversation with Gurpreet Mann.

Gurpreet Mann

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