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Dr Benjamin Ritter Live for Yourself

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Do you feel stuck, overworked, and under-utilized in your career or life?  Do you realize that your life needs to change, but you are not sure how?

At some point in our lives, most of us feel this way and arrive at this level of frustration.  Dr. Benjamin Ritter was no different.  Feeling incredibly reactive when it came to how he was running his life, he reached a point where the pain threshold was great enough to force him to take action.

During our conversation, Ben talks about the three C’s of Self-Leadership; Clarity, Control, and Confidence.  A process that can help guide you through difficult periods in your life. 

We talked in great detail about how to deconstruct limiting beliefs, a topic that has become a cornerstone of guests on this show.  A growth focus mindset will help lead to happiness, which can lead to success in both your career and life.

Ben closes our conversation by discussing what it is like working with a coach.  Growing up playing sports, we had coaches; why wouldn’t we seek out a coach for one of our biggest life decisions, which is our career.  Ben explains that he sees parts of his journey in the people he works with and can feel what they are going through because he has gone through it himself.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Benjamin Ritter.

Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Live For Yourself

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