Ep.57 – Lisa Hennessey – Developing Work-Life Harmony

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Work life balance has taken center stage even more firmly since the pandemic. Lisa Hennessey joined the podcast to discuss the future of work.

What does the future of work look like?  Is it an in-person, fully remote, or hybrid situation? How are companies answering employees’ demands for work life balance?

Lisa Hennessey, the Chief People Officer at Happy Money, has a front-row seat answering this question.  When Lisa started with Happy Money over three years ago, they were a traditional company offering in-person work.  Today, they have embraced a fully remote model with employees throughout the country.

Lisa talks through the transition from in-person to completely virtual work and how they are still experimenting with how to help people feel connected and the company culture they are building.  Experiments deeply rooted in the Happy Money values of love, trust, and hustle.  This includes a “Party in a box” that new employees receive during their initial onboarding.

Lisa provides valuable insights on what to look for in a company and questions to ask when evaluating a new career opportunity for those of you who may be considering transitioning into a remote career.  Insights that are especially useful for parents striving to achieve work-life balance while trying to juggle demanding school schedules and activities.

Happy Money’s mission is to help borrowers become savers.  They provide financial tools & services for human happiness with mission-aligned financial partners.  Their foundation is strongly influenced by the book, Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lisa Hennessey.

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