Ep.60 – Karen Allen – Stop and Shift: How to Make Life Beautiful in the Mess

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Karen Allen Stop and Shift

Karen Allen shares her Stop and Shift strategy that helps people accept the challenges of life and to make choices that lead to growth.

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What if you had a superpower that you didn’t realize you had?  A superpower that had the potential to change things from bad to good?

Karen Allen would tell you that superpower is your ability to make choices.

Karen knows the power of making choices firsthand which she describes in her TEDtalk centered on the tragic loss of her husband and instantly becoming a single mother, changing her life forever.  An experience that eventually springboarded her into a career of helping others make life beautiful in the mess.

Stop and shift is a critical component that Karen describes in detail that helps to allow people to put their arms around the challenges of life.  The ability to make choices, that superpower, deciding how we choose to engage can help to lead us to exponential growth. 

Karen points out that your mindset is a key driver to helping you take charge to create the change you want in your life.  Life presents us with ample opportunities to practice making choices, to change our mindset.  Opportunities that allow us to keep showing up and doing the work.

Please enjoy my conversation with Karen Allen.

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