Ep.62 – Dr. Thomas Kay – A Holistic Way to Finding Your Identity

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Dr Thomas Kay

Have you ever wondered how life transitions affect your health, and whether there is a more proactive way to treat the root cause of health conditions, rather than the symptoms? Dr. Thomas Kay joined the podcast to share his insights.

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How often are we looking for the quick fix to a health, personal, or financial problem?

How often do we dismiss looking at the root cause and attacking a problem from within vs. searching outward for a quick remedy, someone to blame, or an investment that has the potential to shoot to the moon?

Dr. Thomas Kay has seen these scenarios play out within his missionary work and working with his patients as a primary care physician in a life full of transitions.  Rather than going with the flow of a broken medical insurance system from Dr. Kay’s perspective, he wanted to provide people with the ability to find their identity.

Dr. Kay believes that the spirit, body, and soul are all inner connected, which led him to create a holistic medical practice focused on root cause medicine and not quick-fix solutions.  Dr. Kay explains how his functional medicine and direct primary care practices work together to help people find their center. 

From a business standpoint, Dr. Kay’s practice is unique because patients pay a monthly subscription vs. using traditional health insurance.  We also discuss the cost benefits of health share plans which have a strong community element.

From a healing standpoint, Dr. Kay’s practice is unique because it is forward-thinking, not reactive, to helping people live better lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Thomas Kay.

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