Ep.70 – Grant Copple – An Alternative Gameplan for Scary Markets

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The volatile stock market of 2022 has tested the nerves of many investors. What if there was a way to limit your investment risk exposure? Grant Copple joined the podcast to discuss the way.

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What if there was a way to limit your investment risk exposure?  A defined outcome where you could have a good sense of what your range of results could be?

Given the volatile stock market we have seen to begin 2022, I wanted to dedicate an episode to how I help families manage risk within our portfolio management process at TAMMA.  The best way I knew how to do this was to have a conversation with Grant Copple of Innovator ETF.

Grant is a product specialist for Innovator ETFs, responsible for distribution efforts in the Great Lakes Region.  He has been instrumental in the Buffer ETF landscape, helping pioneer the space over the past three years.

Grant and I discuss how Innovator ETFs™ seeks to provide investors structured exposures to broad markets, where the upside growth, downside risk management, and outcome period, are all known before investing.  The result is an efficient product suite that seeks several benefits.

Please enjoy my conversation with Grant Copple.

Full disclosure, I own Innovator ETFs within my personal portfolio and the portfolios of clients I manage at TAMMA Capital.

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