Ep.72 – Josh Brown – Just Like That It’s Over

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Josh Brown Inflation

Josh Brown joined the podcast to discuss how inflation is changing the way we go about our daily lives.

How did we go from one extreme to another with the stock market and inflation?  How is inflation changing the way we go about our daily lives?

These are topics and questions that Josh Brown and I talk through on a special edition of the Emotional Balance Sheet podcast.  Josh is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and a contributor on CNBC.  But, more important, Josh is a person that I have been following for over a decade within the finance world who speaks with a level of energy and plain English that cuts through the noise when it comes to financial advice.

We can blame the president, politicians, the Federal Reserve, or a whole host of others for the financial situation we are in right now, but that won’t do us any good.  As Josh points out, “you can’t fix or change people,” they will have thoughts and ideas that you can’t overcome even with the best logic.

Sometimes the truth becomes an inconvenient source of advice.  One of the hardest aspects of being an advisor is providing advice, while truthful and in the best interest of a family, is not one they would like to hear or accept.  Josh does a masterful job of reinforcing this challenge and how critical the family/advisor relationship is.

Finally, Josh provides thoughtful insights on parenting and how much closer finalities can be for parents when they least expect it.

Please enjoy my conversation with Josh Brown.

Josh Brown

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