Ep.76 – Dr. Lindsay Malloy – Parenting After COVID

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Dr. Lindsay Malloy, Pandemic Parenting

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How are you adjusting to parenting as we move into a post-Covid world?  Are you back to the rat race and overscheduling that so many parents experience before Covid?

Dr. Lindsay Malloy is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Ontario Tech University, specializing in developmental and forensic psychology.  Lindsay is also the co-founder of Pandemic Parenting, a nonprofit organization providing free and accessible science-based resources to parents and caregivers. 

Pandemic Parenting began as a collaboration between Dr. Amanda Zelechoski (a previous guest) and Lindsay: two psychologists, scholars, and moms committed to sharing their expertise and research with families.

Lindsay discusses strategies parents can use to help their kids adapt to an ever-changing environment.  From establishing routines and maintaining adequate self-care to understanding that your vision of balance today may look completely different than the day before.  Lindsay points out that “comparison is the thief of joy.”

Lindsay and her team have turned Pandemic Parenting into a digital hub for parents with multiple mediums and resources, no matter what stage of parenting you may be at.  It is a free resource that I encourage all parents to take advantage of as we continue navigating through this pandemic.  

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Lindsay Malloy.

Lindsay Malloy

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