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Cathy Cassani Adams, Zen Parenting

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Are you willing to do the work and focus on someone else besides yourself?  Are you willing to be a better person for it?

These are the same questions that drive Cathy Adams, a self-awareness expert, podcast host, & author focus on helping parents and empowering families.  Cathy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Parent Coach, Certified Elementary School Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher, and teaches in the Sociology Department at Dominican University and Elmhurst College.

11 Years ago, Cathy and her husband Todd launched Zen Parenting Radio, a podcast that helps expand compassion through the lens of a spiritual & emotional mom and a logical & practical dad.

Cathy’s most recent book, Zen Parenting, dives into the seven chakras and how they intertwine with our lives as parents.  Cathy explains that her journey as a new mom was not quite how she originally envisioned it, which helped lead to several life transitions that led her into therapy and parental coaching.

As Cathy pointed out during our conversation, “if it’s hysterical, it’s historical,” a reference used in recovery programs that identify the root cause of an issue is always a few layers deep and not simply on the surface.

We can’t always plan for what’s next, especially as parents.  What is possible is our unlimited capacity for compassion and caring—for ourselves and our children.    

Please enjoy my conversation with Cathy Adams.

Cathy Adams

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