Ep.81 – Jayne Monroe – A Triplet Mom’s Fight For Her Kids

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Jayne Monroe, Parent, Triplet mom, ADHD

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What if you had to choose between your family or your career?  While the answer may seem obvious, the complications behind such a decision can be endless.

This is the precise situation that Jayne Monroe and her husband Mike found themselves in after having one of their triplet boys diagnosed with ADHD.  A situation that came to a tipping point after their son was kicked out of multiple schools and childcare facilities.

While Jayne, above all else, wanted to put her family first, taking a step back within her career was made more difficult as she was on an upward track to an executive management role within her company.  Not to mention the financial challenge of helping support their family of six.

Jayne talks emotionally about her nine-month journey to have her son properly diagnosed.  Between waitlists and doctors who wanted to brush her aside, Jayne had to fight to get the proper care that her son desperately needed and deserved.  Not only for him but the entire Monroe family.

You must be willing to tell your story repeatedly, Jayne emphasized.  And while waitlists may deter you, there is a reason why the best facilities have one.  There is a growing demand for the support kids like her son need.

Jayne also describes the emotional conversations with her husband, Mike, about how to manage a career-changing emotional and financial decision.  She pointed out that constant and consistent communication was key in helping them through this life-changing situation.  And also, not expecting your spouse to be able to read your mind was also helpful.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jayne Monroe.

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