Ep.82 – Dr. Riley Moynes – Squeezing All The Juice Out Of Retirement

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Dr. Riley Moynes, 4 Phases of Retirement, TEDx

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When you envision what retirement looks like, what comes to mind first?  Bucket lists, freedom, the ability to do anything you want?  What about the loss of identity, purpose, or relationships?

Our lives are full of under-rated transitions, and the transition from your career to retirement, in my mind, is one of the most critical transitions that we do not talk about enough.  I’m not talking from the financial side; I am more concerned about the emotional side of retirement.

Fortunately, Dr. Riley Moynes has done the work and built the framework that could help ease the burden of the retirement transition for those who have yet to begin the new journey to those in the thick of it.

Riley has built what he refers to as the Four Phases of Retirement.  Within these phases, a retiree can go from initial jubilation to extreme loss, trying new adventures and failing, and finally reaching breakthroughs.  It is this last phase of breaking through that Riley has found most retirees to be the happiest.

Through his journey of going through all four phases, Riley shares his story of what each phase was like for him and a few stories from the hundreds of people he has interviewed through his retirement research.

The benefit of having the four phases as a framework, it helps you identify what phase you are in.  The challenge then becomes asking yourself the tough questions such as what do I want to do, what do I do well, or what gives me purpose. 

Be sure to listen to the end, where Riley talks about how he and his wife helped to develop roots and wings in raising their two sons.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Riley Moynes.

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