Ep.87 – Ed Coambs – How to Work Towards Healthy Love and Money

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How does your view or interaction with money affect your relationships?  How does your spouse or partner view money?  Have you ever been challenged getting on the same page with money?

Ed Coambs, a firefighter turned financial advisor turned marriage and family financial therapist, knows a lot about walking into high-intensity situations, navigating “the flames,” and walking everyone out safely.  These proverbial “fires” are no stranger between spouses and their financial lives.  Ed has become a thought leader in Financial Therapy- the professional field that blends personal finance and counseling psychology to effect positive, lasting change for families.

Understanding our relationship around money becomes more complex when interwoven with our closest relationships, such as a spouse, partner, or kids.  Ed’s work focuses on identifying the underlying issues causing marital money stress by helping to identify your attachment styles.

Your attachment style impacts all areas of your life: Your relationships, finances, work life, and parenting.  There are four adult attachment styles that Ed and I discussed, which have a direct impact on the quality of your inter-personal relationships – anxious (also referred to as Preoccupied), avoidant (also referred to as Dismissive), disorganized (also referred to as Fearful-Avoidant), and Secure.

Ed and I also discuss the impact parents can have on developing our kids’ views and emotions toward money, which could stick with them throughout their adult lives.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ed Coambs.

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