Ep.92 – Barbara Oakley – Learning How to Learn: Insights for Parents on How to Help Their Kids Learn

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Barbara Oakley, Learning How to Learn, Oakland University

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How can parents help their kids make the most of their studying time?  And why is it okay for kids not to like their parents when it comes to studying?

Barbara Oakley is a distinguished engineering professor at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.  Her work focuses on the complex relationship between neuroscience and social behavior—a focus that has driven her curiosity about how people, especially kids, learn how to learn.

As a parent who struggles with getting their kids to study, Barbara reminds us that it’s okay for our kids not to like us when it comes to studying.  “Other kids and teachers will tell your kids what they want to hear rather than what is best.”  Parents know intuitively what is best for their kids in the long run, but in the short term, that can pose challenges.

Growing up disliking math and science because she wasn’t good at it has helped drive Barbara’s career in practical teaching and academic research.  She has found that people can perform a Mindshift, which can help unlock your hidden potential regardless of age or background.

A critical key to learning that Barbara points out over and over is that consistent repetition is the strategy that leads to breakthrough learning.  Barbara explains what the most helpful strategy for learning is and why.  A secret, it is related to a tomato.

Finally, as many other prominent guests have addressed with kids and adults, Barbara talks about why it is not always a good strategy to follow your passion.  Doing so can limit your options and ability to learn new things that you think are too hard but could help propel your life and career further than ever imagined.

Please enjoy my conversation with Barbara Oakley.

Barbara Oakley

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