Ep.93 – Dr. Morgan Levy – Understanding Burnout & How to Create Sustainable Harmony

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Morgan Levy, Burnout, Stress, Therapy

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Did you know that there are 12 stages of burnout?  Did you also know that burnout can show up in many different forms within your life, such as physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Dr. Morgan Levy is a licensed psychologist focusing on working with executives and professionals from all over the world.  As a high-achieving professional, you’ve always valued your drive, perseverance, and ability to get things done. Dr. Levy helps people to channel these skills to optimize their life in the workplace and beyond.

Throughout our conversation, two points became a point of emphasis; expectations and mindfulness.

An underlying cause of burnout can be our inability to manage expectations.  As I have talked with guests over the past years about defining “how much is enough,” Dr. Levy also suggested that we focus on “what is good enough.” 

We often equate our worth and value to an outcome, and bad things, including burnout, can begin to set in when we fall short of reaching the desired outcome.  Whether it is trying to do too much or simply setting unrealistic expectations, Dr. Levy walks us through why it is important to look for situations where we can lower our expectations.

The other point of emphasis we discussed centered around mindfulness.  Mindfulness is our ability to be present in the moment.  You can also think of mindfulness as our ability to be aware of our emotional temperature.  Dr. Levy demonstrated the “STOP” technique she utilizes with her clients. 

  • Stop,
  • Take a breath,
  • Observe, and
  • Proceed.

When it comes to burnout, anxiety, or stress, Dr. Levy warns us not to wait until we are struggling to reach out for help.  Pay attention to those around us who may see the warning signs of something serious before we can see it ourselves.  She also encourages us to practice mindfulness when times are good, when we can build up our muscle memory, to be used when we face stressful situations.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Morgan Levy.

Morgan Levy, Ph.D.  Licensed Psychologist

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