Ep.96 – Jordan Jackson – A Guide to the Markets

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Jordan Jackson, JP Morgan, Guide to the Markets

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Are we in a recession, headed for a recession, and does it really matter given that in 2022 we experience one of the worst-performing stock and bond markets ever?

How will a continued robust job market, slowing inflation, and higher interest rates impact corporate earnings this year?  These are all topics that will have some impact on your portfolio performance this year and potentially into 2024.

Jordan Jackson is a global market strategist at JP Morgan.  Jordan has authored several papers on the economy and markets and is responsible for conducting research for JP Morgan’s Guide to the Markets, which I utilize in managing investment portfolios.

Although the US as a whole may not be in a technical recession, if you look at industry by industry, there are certainly specific sectors that are in a downturn, such as technology, residential and commercial real estate, to name two. 

Jordan and I dive headfirst into what the economic and corporate earnings data may mean to investor portfolios.

We also go deep into how much sleep Jordan is getting as a new father, and he shares the best thing about being a new dad.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jordan Jackson as we give a comprehensive guide to the markets.

Jordan Jackson

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