Ep.99 – Kassy Scarcia – How to Build a Sustainable Success System for Parents

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Kassy Scarcia, Kassy Sunshine, Coach

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As a parent, how often do you let the stress and pressure of life bury the vision you once had inside of you?  How can you pull the purpose back up to the forefront of your life and master the art of balancing parenthood and personal growth?

Kassy Scarcia is a certified life coach who is on a mission to help women reclaim their confidence, take charge of their personal and professional success, and move forward without holding themselves back!  As Kassy put it, she helps women how to listen to their internal GPS again.

As busy parents, most of us make decisions based on our current situation or whatever may be in front of us.  Rather than living from a vision of what we want our lives to be, we go with the version of our current reality.  Think about being reactive vs. proactive.

Kassy has built a Sustainable Success System focused on the following three components:

  1. Vision Blueprint
  2. Confident Mindset
  3. Compounding Action

Going through her own substantial life transition, Kassy would feed off the adrenaline rush of being a workaholic and getting things done until she had her first child.  From there, the rush of getting things down turned into burnout, reduced drive, and a buried vision.    

According to Kassy, your vision should be in front of you in some capacity every day; be it visual, written, or auditory.  You should see your current reality becoming your vision.

Similar to how your financial plan will change as your life changes, your vision can and should evolve as well.  But, Kassy points out, “do not fear the fear of forever.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Kassy Scarcia on balancing parenthood and personal growth.

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