Estate Plan – How to Create the Best Gift for Your Family

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Do you have a family? Do you have an estate plan? Learn what critical elements are in an effective estate plan and why creating one is the best gift you can give your family.

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Who wouldn’t want to provide their family with peace of mind during an emotionally difficult life situation such as losing a loved one?  Or the ability to tell your story about how you would like your children to be cared for when you are no longer able?

There are many misconceptions about what an estate plan is and isn’t, but one thing is for sure, it allows you to tell your story on how to protect your family and provide them peace of mind when you need it most.

This week I speak with estate planning attorney Kristen Rajagopal, Founder of Bequest Law in Atlanta, GA.  Kristen walks us through what four critical documents make up a complete estate plan.  Documents that help us through incapacity, to documents that help us protect our children and those who mean the most to us when we are no longer here.

We talk in great detail regarding the differences between wills and trusts, which can often confuse people.  Including how to choose trustees vs. guardians as they serve two distinct and separate roles within your estate plan.

Finally, Kristen and I discuss how working with both an estate planning attorney and a wealth advisor can help families fund their trust, an often overlooked component by estate planning attorneys.  And a topic that should be front and center with your wealth advisor as well.

Please enjoy my conversation with Kristen Rajagopal.

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