Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time; 5 Ways to Keep You Productive All Day Long

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Light Bulb Moment

Trying to balance a career, business, and/or family obligations is a job unto itself.  I learned early on in my career and business to focus on developing and improving processes as a way to stay ahead of the curve and strive for some resemblance of life balance.  This is one topic that I like to focus on in these posts because I know that so many people are struggling to deal with life’s daily demands.

While most of the techniques discussed in the articles below are not rocket science, they are not exactly easy to build into your daily life right away.  However, I do think that seeing topics such as these that carry a similar message and that provide some “how-to” steps for becoming more effective and balanced eventually begin to sink in with people.  The more often you see the message the greater the chances that you might actually take action and change a few habits.

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
  • When you’re attempting to discover what you do best and what you enjoy most, it’s important to realize that these two things aren’t necessarily mutually inclusive. You may get lots of positive feedback about something you’re very good at but not truly enjoy it. Conversely, you can love doing something but have no gift for it, so that achieving success requires much more energy than it makes sense to invest.
  • CONSERVE MOMENTUM WHEN SWITCHING GEARS – “If you allow yourself to, you’ll ramp up on one project and hit a peak, and then you’ll come down and have to ramp up to the next project. But if you just switch over without thinking about it, your brain will catch up.”
  • NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU GET, DON’T FORGET TO PLANT SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE – “the projects you have today might not still be going in a few years, the things you pitch today pick up where those things leave off. It really is a never-ending process, and you have to learn to enjoy it.”