Ep.05 – Nick Raich – The Stock Market is Not the Economy

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Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify Are you curious as to why the stock market has skyrocketed higher when the economy feels stuck in first gear during this global pandemic?  Or why, when a company reports great earnings, its stock price can go down? This week I speak with Nick Raich, Founder, … Read More

The Stock Market is Not the Economy

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John Rekenthaler, who is Vice President of Research for Morningstar, wrote a piece recently, The Stock Market Is Not the Economy.  In his article, Rekenthaler noted that stock prices are only tenuously connected to general economic conditions. Rekenthaler went on to say, “For one, stocks anticipate future developments rather than dwell on current affairs. For another, neither employment statistics nor … Read More