Aligning Personal Interests with Financial Objectives: A Five-Step Guide to Effective Wealth Planning

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Does this sound like you, “We don’t have any money at the end of the month.  We’re not saving enough or investing anything for retirement, and we will send our daughter to college next year.” Your money follows your personal interests.  What you spend your money on shows what is important to you.  So, if you change what is important, … Read More

Spring Clean Your Finances; 5 Ways to Get Financially Organized

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Spring 2 - organize your finances - Spring Clean Your Finances; 5 Ways to Get Organized | TAMMA Capital

Now that we have made it through another tax season, it is finally time to look forward to Spring.  Although, depending upon where you live, the spring season could be fleeting as they often are in the state of MI.  Regardless of the weather, Spring from a financial calendar standpoint means it time to get organized. Not having all your … Read More