Robot Maker Fanuc Bets on Artificial Intelligence

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How about robots that can repair themselves?  According to this WSJ article, the future may not be too far away. Fanuc, a Japanese company and maker of robots has purchased a 6% stake in Preferred Networks, a start-up focused on artificial intelligence.  I have owned Fanuc in the past although we do not currently own any shares. Personally, I had first-hand … Read More

The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio

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Bears scaled - What does the movie Revenant have to do with the Stock Market? - What does the movie Revenant have to do with the Stock Market? | Tamma Capital

The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio is a well-written piece by Josh Brown at The Reformed Broker who highlights that all of the current noise going around in the financial markets such as Greece, China, or the Federal Reserve is not the biggest enemy of your portfolio.  The biggest threat to your portfolio is you. Brown notes in his article, … Read More

14-Day Plan to Radically Improve Your Finances

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Financial Future Control

According to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, less than half of Americans keep close track of their spending, and nearly 30% aren’t saving for retirement. I wouldn’t call the 14-day plan below necessarily radical.  I would call it a very straightforward approach that radically changes your life.  As with many things in life just taking that … Read More

A Dozen Things I have Learned From…..

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best college fit college planning

Two financial and investment bloggers that I follow on a regular basis are Barry Ritholtz and Ben Carlson.  Another blogger whose content that I also read is Tren Griffin.  Griffin runs 25IQ, a blog about business models, investing, technology, and other aspects of life that he finds interesting. He works for Microsoft; Previously he was a partner at Eagle River, a … Read More

Most investing is simple, but we complicate it

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I am a big believer of simplification, especially when it comes to investing where there is still a significant amount of luck involved with investment returns.  There is up to a certain point where a high IQ helps you before it starts to hurt you in the investment world. Morgan Housel of the WSJ touched on this in his article in which he zones in on … Read More

The Millionaire Next Door

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Hundred dolar bills scaled - investing portfolio management - The Holy Grail of Investing | Tamma Capital

According to research by Thomas Corley author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals,” and “Rich Kids: How To Raise Our Kids To Be Happy And Successful In Life.” it takes the average self-made millionaire 38 years for 52% and 42 years for 21% to mint their first million dollars. Only a handful, 4%, became wealthy in less than 27 years. … Read More

Social Security Strategies

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I received an email recently to remind me to check my annual Social Security Statement.  Typically these statements would be mailed to you every year but the agency did away with that practice for most people a few years ago in order to cut costs. Setting up an online account is easy and you get to see more options compared … Read More