Estate Planning; Details That You Need to Know to Protect Your Family & Assets

Paul FennerEstate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most critical aspects of the wealth planning process.  It is often an overlooked and disliked topic to face because it involves death and many subsequent emotional decisions.  However, when it comes to protecting your family and having your story told, estate planning is essential. Estate planning is; The process of accumulation, management, conservation, and … Read More

78 Quotes that will….

Paul FennerLife Transitions

I’m not sure where I collected the 78 quotes below over the years?  But I thought that they were worth sharing.  You never know where your source or spark of motivation will come from. There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots. – Unknown The value of an investing strategy is not … Read More

Understanding Risk; Four Ways to Help Your Wealth Management Plan

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There are typically three risk profiles that investors are assigned to within the financial services industry, which is conservative, moderate, and aggressive. These categories are usually defined by an investor’s; Time Horizon – age and when you expect to need assets, Long-Term Goals & Expectations – views of how an investment should perform, Short-Term Risk Attitudes – views towards short-term … Read More

How to Utilize Life Insurance as a Tool in the Wealth Planning Process

Paul FennerInsurance Planning

Along with estate planning, insurance planning is likely another wealth planning topic that most people would rather not talk about.  I believe that there are a few reasons for this; People do not like to discuss death, Insurance salespeople have been known to put their interests above yours, There are so many types of insurance that people do not understand … Read More

Four Tactics to Get the Most Out of the College Planning Process

Paul FennerEducation Planning

best college fit college planning

If choosing to save for your child’s future college education needs is a priority for you, it must be included in your overall wealth management plan.  I say choose because you likely have multiple financial priorities already tugging at you, such as retirement, caring for an aging parent, or your own health care issues.  Think about being on an airplane, … Read More

Three Factors That Affect Your Social Security Decision

Paul FennerRetirement Planning

I am often asked the critical question of should I take my social security benefits early or wait until full retirement age or beyond?  Issuing a blanket response or answer to that question can lead people down the wrong path, especially on this subject.  While many people would benefit the most by waiting until they reach their full retirement age … Read More

Optimize Your Spending to Increase Your Happiness

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Many people think having more money and the ability to buy whatever they want will make them happier, but in reality, the way you spend your money has a greater impact on your happiness. Research even shows that once you obtain a certain income level ($75,000), your level of happiness does not change much. You have likely heard the expression, “spend money on experiences, not things.” As more research … Read More

Celebrity Calls Out Mother of Triplets

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Recently my wife Theresa had an encounter with a celebrity who is the new brand ambassador of a specific company.  I am not allowed to disclose the celebrity nor the company! During an event, the celebrity (let’s call her Anna) asked in a crowded room of mostly males, “where are my mom’s at?”  At which point Anna identified the mother … Read More

Three Laws to Help Guide You to The Answer

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One of the best books that I read recently was The Answer, by John Assaraf and Murray Smith.  The book, in reality, is two books within one.  John Assaraf writes the first half of the book with a focus on the laws of attraction, gestation, and action.  The second half of the book is written by Murray Smith with a … Read More

What Would You Consider to be Your Most Valuable Asset?

Paul FennerLife Transitions

What would you consider to be your most valuable asset?  Some people may think about a retirement account or piece of real estate.  What about your career as your most prized possession?  A person’s major revenue stream, typically their career, is likely a major key in the ability to achieve life and financial goals. One of my recent reads was … Read More