Ep.44 – Dr. Teryn Clarke – A Non-Political Take on Treating COVID

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Dr.. Teryn Clarke

Dr. Teryn Clarke joined the Emotional Balance Sheet Podcast to get real about COVID-19, without any political slant.

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How can you develop a baseline understanding of the COVID virus?  For me, it wasn’t about getting political, but instead, searching for people dealing with the virus on the frontlines who were also reading and studying medical journals to help develop treatments.

Dr. Teryn Clarke is a problem solver by nature.  She is an MD who specializes in neurology working with high-risk elderly patients.  Dr. Clarke realized early on during the COVID outbreak that to help protect her patients, she would need to dive into the data and science of COVID.

During our conversation, we covered various topics related to COVID, such as how the virus spreads, what vaccines do and don’t do, and where medical data comes from.

More importantly, Dr. Clarke and I discuss how we can help protect one another and our families while reducing the spread of the virus.  A topic in which Dr. Clarke presents multiple examples of when you are sick, stay home!

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Teryn Clarke.

Dr. Teryn Clarke

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