Ep.05 – Nick Raich – The Stock Market is Not the Economy

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Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify Are you curious as to why the stock market has skyrocketed higher when the economy feels stuck in first gear during this global pandemic?  Or why, when a company reports great earnings, its stock price can go down? This week I speak with Nick Raich, Founder, … Read More

The Stock Market is Not the Economy

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John Rekenthaler, who is Vice President of Research for Morningstar, wrote a piece recently, The Stock Market Is Not the Economy.  In his article, Rekenthaler noted that stock prices are only tenuously connected to general economic conditions. Rekenthaler went on to say, “For one, stocks anticipate future developments rather than dwell on current affairs. For another, neither employment statistics nor … Read More

Understanding Risk; Four Ways to Help Your Wealth Management Plan

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There are typically three risk profiles that investors are assigned to within the financial services industry, which is conservative, moderate, and aggressive. These categories are usually defined by an investor’s; Time Horizon – age and when you expect to need assets, Long-Term Goals & Expectations – views of how an investment should perform, Short-Term Risk Attitudes – views towards short-term … Read More

What is Asset Allocation and How Does It Impact Your Investments

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One of the key drivers of investment performance is asset allocation.  Extensive research by Vanguard has shown that 88% of your investment returns can be traced back to your asset allocation.  Asset allocation is the balance between three main asset classes, equities (stocks), fixed-income (bonds), and cash and equivalents. As I laid out in the piece, Risk Perception vs. Your … Read More

How to Prepare for a Stock Market Correction

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Even when they are expected, market corrections are never easy to go through. However, certain elements can help us through downturns with the most crucial being a solid understanding of why we invest and have a wealth management plan. Planning, along with understanding, can help bring peace of mind when facing uncertain times financially during stock market turbulence. Below are a few … Read More

Understanding Benchmarks; What Should They Mean?

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When I look at what I do for clients at TAMMA, I can break it down into two distinct categories; wealth planning and asset management, and tax preparation.  One of the value propositions that I offer to clients is to have their wealth planning integrated with their asset management.  In my mind, you can’t or shouldn’t have one without the … Read More

The Holy Grail of Investing

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Many of you, unless you are into reading about investment management, have likely never heard of Jack Schwager author of the Market Wizards series of books.  In his books, Schwager interviews some of the most legendary investors of our time. During each interview, Schwager tries to get at the heart of what has made that trader successful.  While there is … Read More

The Golden Age of TV Content?

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With so much intriguing content and new shows on TV over the past few years, you may call this the golden age of TV content.  New non-traditional players such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu are now spending billions on their own original content vs. the traditional media pillars of Disney, Fox, HBO, and Showtime.  And as more and more people … Read More

The Most Important Thing

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Howard Marks is the Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, a global investment management firm.  Mr. Marks is regarded as a leader in the investment management industry.  His breadth of knowledge is often highlighted within his memos that are published regularly and his book, The Most Important Thing. Mr. Marks and I share many of the same investment and wealth planning … Read More

How Much Diversification is Enough?

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I have talked quite a bit lately about diversification, especially holding a larger portion of cash than usual.  As most of you know, I run most of my client portfolios with a minimal amount of positions compared to most managers, especially mutual funds and ETFs. Most of the research that I have done on the topic of diversification indicates that to have a truly diversified portfolio, one … Read More